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Matthew Weber

Faculty Member

Matthew Weber is an associate professor of Communication and a member of Rutgers’ NetSCI Network Science lab. Weber’s research examines organizational change and adaptation in response to new information communication technology. His work is funded by a number of external agencies, including the William T. Grant Foundation and the National Science Foundation.

Matthew Weber’s research examines organizational change in relation to the use of new information communication technologies. He examines organizations from both an internal and external perspective, focusing on the interaction between macro-and micro-level changes. He has studied organizations in a variety of contexts, including an examination of the transformation of the news media industry in the United States, an analysis of local newspaper ecosystems, research on technology use in large multinational organizations, and work on social movements.

Weber utilizes mixed methods in his work, including social network analysis, archival research, and interviews. He is developing new methodology for using large-scale big data for tracing organizational processes. His research has led to the development of a series of tools that enable researchers to access data made available by the Internet Archive.