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Computational Methods for Social Science at Rutgers University

We live in a complex information environment fueled by fast-paced technological advances and surging computational power. Researchers today have access to vast amounts of digital information that traditional social scientific methods were not designed to handle. Against this backdrop, the social sciences increasingly rely on computational methods to explore socio-technical systems. This has led to the emergence of computational social science (CSS), an interdisciplinary field combining computer science tools and techniques with social science theories and methods to understand human behavior. CSS allows us to study complex systems and dynamic processes at the individual, community, and societal levels.

The diverse members of the CSS Lab have strengths in computational social science, data science, network analysis, natural language processing, machine learning, algorithmic audits, and others. Combined with domain expertise in communication, media studies, library and information science, this allows us to conduct cutting-edge research exploring the role of digital platforms in social processes.